And what debts are not washed out?

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And what debts are not washed out?

Congress has determined that the following types of debts are not dischargeable for public policy reasons (e.g., the nature of the debt or the fact that the debts were incurred due to the debtor’s improper behavior):

(1) taxes (subject to specific time rules), government fines, penalties

(2) spousal support (alimony)

(3) child support

(4) all student loans

(5) secured debts

(6) personal injury damages arising from driving while drunk

(6) debts from fraud, larceny, embezzlement

(7) punitive damage claims for “willful and malicious” acts (e.g., assault, libel)

(8) debts not listed on your bankruptcy papers (although this depends on the law in the federal circuit court jurisdiction)

To the extent that these types of debts are not fully paid in the Chapter 7 case, you are still responsible for them after the bankruptcy case has concluded.

Debts for last-minute purchases of luxury goods or services – or taking out cash advances on a credit card just before bankruptcy – are also non-dischargeable.

Another class of debts or claims (called “liens”) that are backed by property also survive (see the discussion of liens in next page).

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