What can I do to pay for my neck injury treatment, short of filing a lawsuit?

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Neck Treatment Lawsuit Injury Law

What can I do to pay for my neck injury treatment, short of filing a lawsuit?

You do not have to file a lawsuit to submit a claim for accident-related injury treatment.

If someone else was at fault in an accident that caused your neck injury, you or an attorney can help make sure your no-fault auto insurance or health insurance is paying for your treatment and can keep track of your treatment, expenses, wage loss and potential on-going symptoms.

Your attorney can also contact the other driver’s insurance company on your behalf and make sure it is aware of a potential claim for damages in the future. If you are entitled to additional damages at some point – such as financial compensation for permanent injury, pain and suffering, humiliation and or emotional distress – you will have protected your rights and left open the possibility of a settlement or judgment.

You only have to file a lawsuit to pursue compensation that you deserve that the insurer refuses (or the other party if they have no insurance) to pay to you. Even if you do eventually file a lawsuit, most lawsuits result in settlement long before a trial is necessary.

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