Study Shows Dangerous Effects of Prempro Linger For Years

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Study Shows Dangerous Effects Of Prempro Linger For Years Drug Toxic Chemicals

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Study Shows Dangerous Effects of Prempro Linger For Years

A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (AMA) shows that the dangerous effects of Prempro use linger for nearly 2 ½ years after patients stop taking the drug. Prempro use has been linked to increased rates of heart attacks, blood clots, strokes and breast cancer.View All Prempro Articles

The study
According to news reports, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute studied 15,730 women who participated in a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) study conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) several years ago that was halted due to the increased risks of heart disease, stroke and breast cancer.
The women took the drug Prempro, an HRT drug manufactured by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, for an average of 5 ½ years. Doctors reported that the risks associated with the drug did eventually decrease, but generally not until two to three years afterwards – leaving women who thought they were safe at increased risks of serious injury or death. Researchers found 24% more cancers among women who took Prempro versus a placebo and reported that breast tumors were the most common type of cancer that developed from use of the drug.
Prempro sales drop – cancer rates decrease
Is it merely a coincidence that cancer rates have decreased as Prempro sales have decreased? Industry analysts don’t think so. Prempro, which is a combination of premarin and progesterone (hence the name Prem-pro), was widely used by women in this country for many years. Sales of the drug have declined from a reported $2 billion per year to $1 billion per year since 2002 – which, coincidentally, is when the original WHI study was halted and made public. Bryan Aylstock, a Florida attorney whose firm protects the rights of consumers who are seriously injured due to defective drugs such as Prempro, agrees. He says that the number of women who were taking this combination therapy fell off dramatically in the United States following the WHI study. He told us:
The WHI study was based upon large-population samples where the scientists have actually looked at the rates of breast cancer in the United States and have found that they have dropped fairly dramatically since the use of these combination drugs has declined. So, there’s a very strong causal link between the use of this combination therapy and the risk of breast cancer.
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