Can I sue for asbestosis on my own and avoid using a lawyer?

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Asbestosis Lawsuit Injury Law

Can I sue for asbestosis on my own and avoid using a lawyer?

Although there are the exceptions that “prove the rule,” going solo does not make sense in an asbestos lawsuit because the matter is very serious and the amount of money involved is high. Getting a lawyer who specializes in asbestos law makes sense, particularly to help you wade through and develop the necessary information to file a successful suit as well as complying with the rules and procedures that courts have developed over the years for dealing with the volume of asbestos litigation. It can also be extremely difficult on your own to find out how you were exposed, where and when, and which companies to sue when your exposure took place decades earlier.

Furthermore, it is not wise to deal with the “other side” without legal representation since you would be negotiating in the blind, without any idea of what you may be entitled to recover. Bear in mind that the other side has been dealing with these claims far longer than you, has far more information than you, and knows the answers real well. And anything you say to the other side would be marked down and recorded and used against you in terms of the other side’s negotiating strategy and in trial if it ever got that far.

Trying to be your own lawyer rarely works, and the odds are 100 to 1 you’ll make a mistake and lose even what might have been a strong claim. It is in your best interest to contact a lawyer or a law firm who specializes in asbestos lawsuits.

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