Accutane Side Effects and Risks

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Accutane Warning Drug Toxic Chemicals

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Accutane Side Effects and Risks

Accutane, a synthetic form of vitamin A with the generic name isotretinoin, has been the subject of numerous warnings by both the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and consumer advocacy groups.
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The FDA first required the manufacturer of Accutane to increase warnings about the danger of birth defects as a result of using Accutane in 1983.
In the August 12, 2005 announcement the FDA said it had also approved new warnings for risks of depression and psychiatric problems. The FDA had already issued a MedWatch warning on November 1, 2002 saying that “aggressive and/or violent behaviors have been added to the list of events that Accutane may cause.” The first warnings about possible psychiatric Accutane side effects were made in 1985.
More recently Accutane has been linked to incidents of severe pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease, sometimes requiring surgical removal of some organs. Current Accutane warnings include all of these conditions and side effects.
If you are thinking about using Accutane be sure talk to your health care provider about all the possible side effects and learn about possible symptoms of side effects so that you and your health care provider can monitor your health. If you or a loved one have been injured or a family member died as a result of taking Accutane, you may be able to recover damages. See Hiring An Accutane Attorney and Lawyer for information about finding someone to evaluate your case.
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Suffered harm from Accutane? You may have a lawsuit. Click here, for a top rated law firm to evaluate your legal rights.

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