What are cookies (other than something sweet to eat)?

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What are cookies (other than something sweet to eat)?

As you travel around the Internet, your browser picks up information that your computer stores. This information becomes your “cookie.” When you go to some web sites, the operator of that site may request that your cookie be read and captured for use then or in the future by the web site operator. We create a cookie to help you navigate by state, and give more specific information to you. Ours expires when you leave our site. Others may let it stay up for years. Each time you go to a web site, when downloading its information to you the web site server also sends a piece of “state information” that will be loaded onto your computer (a description of the range of URLs for which that “state” is valid). The device has important functions for web site operators – such as currently selected items at a “shopping mall,” and per-user preferences can be captured. These cookies, if you give them to the web site, can then be electronically duplicated and spread around. Other cookies can include code from the web site, which can even be used, or misused, to create remote activities on your computer.

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