Do I need to have an attorney to get a divorce?

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Do I need to have an attorney to get a divorce?

Although it is legal in many states to obtain a divorce without representation by counsel, it is always inadvisable, because of the complex issues involved.

If you have been married only a short time, have no children and little property, it may seem financially advantageous to “do it yourself”. However, a good lawyer will always pay for him/herself. Timing can often be crucial in getting a divorce; an attorney can best advise you when it will make the most sense in terms of insurance and taxes.

A skilled attorney can help you avoid personal and/or property matters that may cost you money down the road, and will represent your best interests in resolving any financial complications that may arise. An attorney also can help avoid the possibility of one party claiming that s/he was taken advantage of because all facts were not disclosed.

The mediation process can also help disputing partices in a divorce, even when both parties are represented by attorneys; click here for an article explaining how divorce mediation works.

For a discussion of the legal fees involved in a divorce, click here for a general explanation of the fees and click here for ways to reduce those fees.

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