Has Debt Collector Fred Hanna Become Your Nightmare?

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Has Debt Collector Fred Hanna Become Your Nightmare?

Anyone will admit that debt collectors have a tough job. However, regardless of how tough that job might be, consumers should be aware that debt collectors are bound by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) which, among other things, specifies how they can and cannot treat debtors. According to consumer advocate Bud Hibbs’ website, debt collector Fred Hanna seems to have become a nightmare for many debtors across the country.
What isn’t allowed under the FDCPA?
Among other things, the FDCPA specifies that debt cannot:
Misrepresent the debt owed
Threaten you with legal action that is not permitted or actually being considered
Use abusive or profane language
Increase the debt owed by adding attorneys’ fees or interest
Continue to attempt collection on a debt which cannot be validated (for which a validation has been requested in writing)
In addition, debt collectors cannot contact you:
Before 8am or after 9pm
If you ask them, in writing, to stop
At work or on your cell phone if you ask them, in writing, to stop
Repeatedly in an annoying, harassing or abusive fashion
When you are being represented by an attorney
Family members, friends, neighbors or co-workers
Unfortunately, many debt collectors ignore these rules – and Hanna seems to be one of the worst offenders. According to Hibbs’ website, www.budhibbs.com, Hanna, “will lie on court affidavits about his position and most affidavits attached are bogus in the information stated.”
Consumers back up those claims
The section of Hibbs’ website on Hanna, shows many consumer comments. Here are a few:
Truly the sleaziest of the sleazy! Twice in the past two years these scum bags have completely cleaned out my checking and savings accounts without my prior knowledge. This was at two different banks, by the way. The second time was today. Ms. Williams screamed at my wife and hung up on her and hung up on her (my wife was simply trying to get details about the recent confiscation.) I have no knowledge of the account they are trying to collect on, as they refuse to send us any substantiating paperwork. I am now afraid to have any bank accounts, for fear they will rob us blind yet again. This is getting old quickly.
Yesterday I received not only a letter from Hanna informing me that they were not only going to start garnishing my paychecks, but had also inflated the original balance of the debt by a whopping $5,000. How can this possibly be legal?
Well, in the past month, I have received a few calls from our “friends” at Hanna & Associates regarding a debt of mine. I am working with a debt settlement company in hopes of agreeing to settle my account . . .. I have a debt of approximately $4k . . . and hope to get it settled for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2k and paid off by year’s end. I have been informed by my settlement company to not speak with these dirt bags and to let them be the point of contact . . .. How long have people generally been able to put off these maggots before getting a summons, legitimate or not, from Hanna?
If you’re being harassed by a junk debt buyer, contact an experienced debtor’s right attorney to discuss your situation. Consultations are free, without obligation and are strictly confidential. You may be entitled to money damages under the FDCPA. The content in this article was published with Bud Hibbs’ permission.

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