Will I need money to pursue a product defect case?

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Defective Product Case Defective Products

Will I need money to pursue a product defect case?

Most product defect cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means the attorney only recovers if the case is successful, and then the fee consists of a portion of the award or settlement. You do not pay the attorney on an hourly basis, and depending on your state’s laws, the attorney may even advance the expenses of a lawsuit, including the costs of expert witnesses. However, some states and some attorneys require that a claimant pay the costs associated with pursuing a lawsuit, either up front or as incurred.

Product liability cases can be very expensive to bring and move forward. While you may not have to pay the attorney a fee if there is no recovery, you may be responsible for costs (including expert witness fees) if you lose your case. We suggest you discuss your responsibility to pay fees before retaining an attorney for your case.

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