What happens when an accident is caused by a defective product?

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Defective Products Accident Accident Law

What happens when an accident is caused by a defective product?

Few manufacturers intentionally create and sell an inherently dangerous product or attempt to conceal its dangers. However, there are many products that do injure people despite manufacturers’ and governmental efforts to keep products safe.
For example, if you use a knife to slice a bagel and cut your hand in the process, neither the manufacturer of the knife nor the bagel bakery will likely be held responsible. However, if the knife snaps and injures you because of a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer – and possibly the distributor and the store that sold it to you – will be liable. Similarly, if the bagel contains impurities that make you very ill, the bakery may be liable for your injuries.
If products do not meet standards set by the government, or if the required governmental approval of a product (such as a new drug) was obtained by suppressing negative test results, there will clearly be liability on the part of the manufacturer. A product liability lawyer can assess the facts and circumstances and also candidly evaluate what a likely recovery might be.

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