Selecting a Defibrillator Lawyer and Attorney

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Defibrillator Lawyer Defective Products

Selecting a Defibrillator Lawyer and Attorney

Choosing a lawyer who is experienced in medical device litigation, specifically defibrillators, will take time, but your chances of success at reaching a favorable settlement are higher than going on your own. Consider the fact that you will be facing a highly skilled defense team who are extremely knowledgeable about defibrillator litigation and are intimately familiar with the law and court procedures, which should be reason enough to look for an equally competent attorney to handle your case. A lawyer who specializes in defective medical device lawsuits will know the playing field, who to sue, the fastest route to take, and know the value of your claim and if it is worth pursing.

Going solo is courting disaster. For example, everything that you do or say will be scrutinized to see if it can be used to limit the company’s liability. And if your case ends up in court, you will be held to the same standards and the same deadlines as any other attorney. Defibrillator cases are complex and require detailed knowledge of scientific procedures, medical device reports, and legal issues which are beyond the knowledge of a novice. It will take a lot of research on your part to avoid making any errors in any procedural area and to master the nuances of your case in the context of the law. (For an example of complexities see: What are the major legal issues involved in a case when someone develops diabetes as a result of taking Zyprexa? for a discussion of the legal issues involved). Trying to do be your own lawyer rarely works, and the odds are 100 to 1 you’ll make a mistake and lose even what might have been a strong claim.
Defibrillator attorneys are still necessary even if you don’t want a trial but decide to try and settle. In an effort to get out quickly you may unintentionally give up some of your rights. A good defibrillator attorney is a pro at negotiation; you may not be. Your attorney will know what your case is worth and can better negotiate with the defense attorney on the unique aspects of your claim.
Most lawyers who specialize in medical device lawsuits work on a contingency fee basis, which means that your defibrillator attorney is paid only if you win. The standard contingency ranges from 30-40% of the settlement or money judgment. However, you are free to negotiate a lower percentage rate.

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