Nevada Jury Finds Wyeth’s Prempro Liable For $135 Million

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Nevada Jury Finds Wyeth’s Prempro Liable For $135 Million

October 11, 2007. A Nevada jury found Wyeth Pharmaceuticals liable for over $135 million on Wednesday in a lawsuit brought by three women who developed breast cancer after taking Wyeth’s hormone replacement drugs and Premarin and Prempro. View All Prempro Articles

Over 5,000 lawsuits filed already

Premarin, an estrogen replacement drug, and Prempro, a combination of estrogen and progestin, were found to be defective products by the jury, who also found Wyeth negligent in producing, marketing and selling the drugs. According to reports, this is the fourth lawsuit that Wyeth has lost in litigation over the drugs and is currently fighting over 5,000 similar lawsuits across the country. Wednesday’s verdict in Nevada is good news for the over 7,500 women involved in those lawsuits.

$135.5 million awarded to three plaintiffs

Although Wyeth claimed that they provided adequate warnings on the products’ labels after undergoing detailed studies, the jury simply did not agree and awarded all three plaintiffs $7.5 million in past damages and $36 million to two of the women ($40 million to the third) for future damages. The court will reportedly decide whether or not to award punitive damages to the plaintiffs later this week.

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