Does a link to a site violate copyright law?

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Does a link to a site violate copyright law?

No. You can put a link from your web site to someone else’s web site at any time – and – anyone can put a link to your web site whenever they want. (But, since a link FROM a site would mean you had to change that site, if you don’t have the owner’s permission, you could be violating his copyright.) The Internet and the World Wide Web is out there for fair use by all – you cannot control links on the Internet – a link does not violate copyright law. There are cases pending about linking to parts of a site to bypass others, which may create new rulings.

If a offensive link is made to your site, you can respectfully request that it be removed. If that doesn’t work, watch your temper – try not to get involved in a flame war in cyberspace – just take a deep breath, relax and go on about your business. But if it gets to the point of harassment – contact an attorney.

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