What is typically covered?

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Premarital Agreement Coverage Pre Marital Agreement

What is typically covered?

Pre-Marital Agreements typically cover at least several of the following topics:

(1) Prior marital history, and family circumstances,

(2) What property and prospects each spouse is bringing into the marriage,

(3) Who will own the investment earnings from such property,

(4) What will happen with the earnings of each spouse,

(5) What happens with property one spouse may inherit,

(6) What happens in the event of death of a spouse,

(7) Where the couple will reside,

(7) How taxes will be handled (e.g. joint or separate returns),

(8) The level of support in the event of a divorce, and

(9) What happens to debts owed before the marriage and those thereafter incurred.

Where one or the other party is marrying for a second or third time, commonly provisions will be found bequeathing certain assets to a child of a previous marriage rather than to the new spouse.

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