How is a judgment perfected?

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How is a judgment perfected?

Although the specific steps vary from state to state, the first set is always to perfect the judgment. At the end of the lawsuit, make certain that the court issues a written decision or judgment signed by the judge and filed by the clerk of the court. Usually, the original written judgment is kept in the court’s file of the lawsuit and a conformed copy (typically provided by the judgment creditor along with the original for entry by the court) of the judgment is given to the judgment creditor.

Some states require Notice of Entry of the Judgment to the judgment debtor. This step puts the judgment debtor on notice that a judgment has been taken against him/her. Often the date of issuance of a Notice of Entry of Judgment has a relationship to the time period that a judgment debtor has in which an appeal of the judgment may be made. Plus, a judgment debtor could pay the amount of the outstanding judgment once s/he receives formal notice that a judgment has been issued by a court.

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